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There are thousands of hosting companies available to choose from and unfortunately, they are not all created equal. What is the best way to find a new hosting provider? Ask someone.

Wait, doesn’t the company that built my website also have to host it? No. And if they are, you should really look into what you’re paying them to do because we trust the people who host websites for a living to host my clients websites. So should you.

A website runs on a server. Think of it like Microsoft Word running on your computer. Microsoft Word runs on a lot of different computers. The better the computer, the better it should run. Think of your website like that.

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It’s super tempting to see an ad for a hosting company and think to yourself they are only $1 per month. The service and tools you get will be worth $1 per month. Then there are some really large hosting providers out there that advertise with NASCAR and whose name goes along with domain registrations. Go Daddy is pretty bad at hosting websites. Ask us about that.

Much of the time, clients don’t know what to look for when selecting a hosting company. You can look at reviews and much like any other product, you’ll find some who love it and others who hate it. So where does that leave you? Do you know how many times websites go up and down? If you’re not monitoring that, you would be surprised by the answer.

At HNC Digital, we work with a number of hosting providers depending on our clients needs. Sometimes a client has a hosting company that they are using already and are happy with that service. We’re perfectly happy to work with that situation. In some cases, we’re troubleshooting problems with their website and will find that the hosting partner they are using isn’t adequate for their needs. We are always honest with our clients and will point out any issues we find.

The important thing is that we’re always monitoring our clients websites so we know when they go down. This proactive approach helps us assess whether or not the hosting provider and plan are sufficient for our client.

The good news is that moving to a new hosting provider doesn’t have to be painful. There are steps to follow and HNC Digital are experts and helping you through that process. If you aren’t happy with your hosting company then contact us today. HNC Digital can help you move your website so you can make sure that your website visitors are having the best experience possible.

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HNC Digital recommends Dreamhost for about 95% of our clients. So if you’re reading this and need a reliable hosting company but don’t need our services at this time, sign up for them!