The biggest reason your website needs to be secure

If you weren't selling products on your website, it used to be ok not to have a secure website. That's all changing in July of 2018.

Firstly, what is a secure website? Simply put, a secure website is one that encrypts information from the server to your browser. Generally, you can tell that because your browser will tell you it’s secure by putting a little lock next to the site URL. You will also see an https vs an http in the browser bar (though just because a site says https doesn’t prove it’s 100% secure). There’s a lot more to what I just said on the technical end which you can read more about should you want to.

So what happens in July of 2018?

Google Chrome – which holds more than 57% of the browser market – will start calling out those sites that aren’t secure. Now, not much is changing but perception goes a long way. If you went to a website for a service and a giant warning showed up — This site is not secure — what would you initially feel about that company? I believe most users would have negative thoughts about how they handle their business.


“If this service doesn’t take the security of their website seriously then how will they treat me as a customer?”

Is my website secure?

Go check if your website is secure by going to this free service — Who No Padlock. If the results show you that you have some work to do then there’s no reason to panic. Securing your website doesn’t have to be a very expensive task and you certainly don’t have to learn all the ins and outs about SSL & TLS to secure your website. One thing to keep in mind is that not all hosting companies offer it as a basic service – or they might charge a for what should be a basic service. That’s a sign of a bad hosting company — calling out GoDaddy by name here. HNC digital would be happy to talk to you further about your hosting needs and to partner with you to figure out how you can have the peace of mind knowing your website is secure. Your customers will expect this from you starting in July of 2018.  Contact us today.